All games are private, so it’ll be just you and your team. Our games are designed for adults and highschoolers. Those under 14 years old must have at least one 18+ year old on their team. Players must be at least 12 years old. 

All games are private:
1 player: $90 flat
2 players: $45 each
3-15 players: $30 each

Not sure how many people are coming? Don’t want to pay for your flaky friend?
Book the minimum as a non-refundable deposit and buy additional tickets when you arrive for the private game!


Book during off hours
To book a game during our off hours, whether for team building, a birthday party, or it’s the only time for your team of 8+ can come play, fill out our request form: here.

Bring an Escape Game to you!
We now offer the ability to rent out an escape game kit! Great for team building at the office, festivals, parties, celebrations, etc. Learn more, here.

Want to give the gift of escape? 
Purchase or redeem a gift voucher without scheduling a time slot: here.

Don’t forget your passport!

We stamp just played & previously played games. We sell all available official We the Enthusiasts Escape Room passports: 52 Box, 100 Box, Maroon, Bright Red, Black, Navy Blue, and Forest Green.