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Curious Escape Rooms: The Dollhouse

Enter the Dollhouse

There once was a woman who obtained something so valuable it was both precious and dangerous. Unwilling to destroy it, she hid it somewhere no one would find it: shrunk inside a child's dollhouse. She entered the portal and stored it somewhere inside with the key to the dollhouse before they could get their hands on it. Since then she's gone missing. We need it back. You may divide the spoils, but find the key. Fair warning, staying in the Dollhouse after the portal closes does have it's lasting effects. Escape in 60 minutes or you'll never be the same again.

Best Team Size: 4-6 players

Public Games: 1-8 players
Private Games: 1-10 players

Success Rate: 35%


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escape-the-video-storeEscape the 90s Video Store 

Travel back in time to when movies were picked up from shelves, debated over for hours, new releases were explored, recommendations were a necessity, and movie marathons were had. Take the portal to 1999 into the Video Store, where the boss has been acting strange lately. He's gotten his hands on a secret video tape. When the boss is on his hour long break, sneak into the video store, solve a series of puzzles and riddles to find the safe, and get the important VHS back! Whatever you do, don't get caught.

Best Team Size: 6-12 players

Public Games: 4-10 players     (hard minimum)
Private Games: 4-15 players   (One of the largest indoor escape games in MA)

Success Rate: 20%

♿ Handicap accessible

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We recommend our games for those ages 12 and up. Ages 17 and under need a parent/guardian signature on their waiver. Ages 14 and under, require adult supervision. 


Your Team
Friends, dates, co-workers, co-club members, and even strangers will work together! Great for team building, corporate events and night outs!
Find the Key
Hidden somewhere is a locked up key to your freedom. When you find it and unlock the door, you've won!
60 Minutes
Can you solve the room in one hour or less? The fastest times earn a place of prestige on our leader board.
Look around for anything that looks like a clue. Don't be afraid to look under furniture or take out drawers or mess the room up a bit!
Solve Puzzles
There are clues hidden around the room. One clue leads to another. Solve the series of puzzles using knowledge, communication, and teamwork!
Need a Hint?
Stumped? You are not alone. Our Game Masters are watching and may send you a hint to get you back on track.