Gift Voucher

Give the gift of adventure and an unique experience of puzzle solving with family, friends, or team building!

Two physical gift vouchers in an envelope with game stamps for "The Holiday Staff Party at the 90s Video Store," "The Dollhouse," and the "90s Video Store." A red compass lock is on the side. A black and gold maze is in the background.Curious Escape Rooms is a home of many different worlds for your pleasure, they may choose their own adventure.

All games are private, so it’ll just be them and their team.

Current private game prices
1 player: $90
2 players: $45 per person
3-15 players: $30 per person

Prices and structure may change in future dates, but the nominal amount of your gift voucher will never change. (Last updated, 9/22/23. Please confirm with booking page. )

Recommended recipients: adults and highschoolers. Those under 14 years old must have at least one 18+ year old on their team. Players must be at least 12 years old.

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