Live-Action Escape Game in Fitchburg, MA

 Curious Escape Rooms is the first real-life escape game in N. Central Massachusetts. These unique adventures are full of fun, tangible, and clever puzzles. There are clues hidden every where, perfect for secret snoops (That's right, we want you to look through all our stuff in the puzzle room!) These experiences are fully immersive and well-decorated combining modern art installations, immersive theater, murder-mysteries, and just down-right play. Great for a night out. What do you say? Transport to another world.


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Book the adventure for as early as July 13th!


“We managed to escape, which felt awesome.”

★★★★★ Megan S.

“The puzzle was innovative and well executed.”

★★★★✩ Marcia L.

“A wonderful way to exercise communication skills.”

★★★★★ Nicole W.

“Now that was a good time! I’ve done several escape rooms and this one might be the best one I’ve done.”

★★★★★ Oswaldo O. (Chicago, IL)

“What a great way to spend time with friends or family!”

★★★★★ Amy S. 

How to Play

Do you like scavenger hunts and solving puzzles? Each of our puzzle rooms will be highly designed to transport you into a new world. You and your team will be locked in a themed puzzle room. There are locks and clues hidden around the room that lead to the key. Together, tear up the room, snoop, solve a series of puzzles, and escape!

You have 60 minutes.

Your Team

Friends, dates, co-workers, co-club members, and even strangers will work together! Great for team building, corporate events and night outs!

Find the Key

Hidden somewhere is a locked up key to your freedom. When you find it and unlock the door, you've won!

60 Minutes

Can you solve the room in one hour or less? The fastest times earn a place of prestige on our leader board.


Look around for anything that looks like a clue. Don't be afraid to look under furniture or take out drawers or mess the room up a bit!

Solve Puzzles

There are clues hidden around the room. One clue leads to another. Solve the series of puzzles using knowledge, communication, and teamwork!

Need a Hint?

Stumped? You are not alone. Our Game Masters are watching and may send you a hint to get you back on track.