Live-Action Escape Game in Fitchburg, MA

Curious Escape Rooms is the 1st real-life escape game in N. Central Massachusetts. These unique adventures are full of fun, tangible, and clever puzzles. There are clues hidden every where, perfect for secret snoops (That's right, we want you to look through all our stuff in the puzzle room!) These experiences are fully immersive and well-decorated combining modern art installations, immersive theater, murder-mysteries, and just down-right play. Great for a night out. What do you say? Transport to another world.

A vintage phonebooth next to a sandwich board that reads " First Thursdays: The Hero's Phone Booth Mini Game is open 5-9pm" with red and gold balloons attached.

Fitchburg First Thursdays
5-9pm in our Lobby
$5 - Single Player - 10 min.
First come first serve.

Curious Escape Rooms: The Dollhouse

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Reopens August 1st, 2021:
Currently private games only!
Just $84 for 1-3 players
$28 per additional person


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(Temporarily closed)


Holiday Staff Party at the 90s Video Store! A mug of hot chocolate overlooks a Video Store with a Keanu Reeves Speed poster and Christmas Tree next to it.

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