About Us

Curious Escape Rooms KickstarterHaving grown up in the gateway city of Fitchburg, Audrey Pendleton-Chow aspired to help revitalize downtown near the commuter rail, Fitchburg State University, and the Fitchburg Art Museum. Coming from a background in set decoration in the film and TV industry (IMDb), human services, and a love for modern art installations, immersive experiences, and play, starting an escape room in downtown Fitchburg felt like the perfect match for Audrey and husband and partner FSU alumni Jeremy Pendleton-Chow who also had a love of puzzle design and passion for revitalizing the city as a former intern of the mayor’s office.

Drawing inspiration from David Lynch, Salvador Dali, and immersive plays like Sleep No More, they wanted their games to feel as if customers were stepping into another world and real space. They created the type of escape room they would love! Their games have a variety of puzzles that require diverse skills and are designed for large groups that leave all players feeling as if they contributed. They like having puzzles that are tangible giving immediate gratification and thematic puzzles. They enjoy experimenting and creating unique experiences.