Team Building

Curious Escape Rooms is an unique experience. Our first adventure is the Dollhouse with a completely original story and series of puzzles designed by owners Audrey Chow and Jeremy Pendleton. We are the first escape room in North Central MA.

You and your team will have 1 hour to complete the mission and escape by solving a series of puzzles and working together.

Teams must lean on their various and diverse skills to help each other escape. Attention to detail, seeking patterns and making connections, listening to one another, listening to themselves, listening to limitations and provided hints, excellent communication skills, recognition of what needs to be done, self awareness, time management and, of course, creative problem solving skills make for a successful team!

Curious Escape Rooms is an awesome team building experience that will have your members talking about it for weeks.


How many people can you fit in a puzzle room?

The Dollhouse can comfortably fit 8 people in a game, but can have 10 absolute maximum.

The Video Store can comfortably fit up to 15 people in a game.

Combined, we can facilitate 25 people at a time and are in partnership with local venues to open for our large groups.


We are open by appointment.

We would love to host your team and open for special hours by request. Please contact us at

Public game start times are also available:

Thursdays between 2:30pm and 9:30pm
Fridays between 11:00am and 9:30pm
Saturdays between11:00am and 9:30pm
Sundays between 1:30pm and 9:30pm

Book here.

Can it be just us?

In order to ensure that no one else will join a public game, book all 8 tickets for The Dollhouse or all 10 tickets for The Video Store to make them private rooms.

During special hours, no one else who is not part of your team will have access to booking tickets for those special times. We will require you book enough tickets for a private game.

To request a private game during special hours, fill in this form, here.



If your team escapes and makes our leaderboard, your team name will be in our window display until your time is beaten! Think of it as free advertisement.

Art on the Rocks, Fitchburg has been on our board since June 16th. They only had 4 seconds to spare.